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The world of hair color additives holds within it an array of positives for stylists, salons and all of their professional hair color clients. Including a hair additive as a part of the salon experience can allow stylists to save both time and product. They make for less clutter within salon storage as well. At SALONORY, we trust only the best brands that deliver fantastic results every time. We are confident that stylists and clients alike will see the difference with these professional hair products


Hair additives ensure a better-than-ever experience for those who use professional hair color. Stylists can rest assured knowing their professional hair color is doing the most for their clients. Some of the most effective hair additive products include different forms of hair color booster, which can make all the difference when applied alongside regular color. The results of using a hair color booster include added vibrancy and an overall color that reduces fading after clients leave the salon. Brands like Schwarzkopf Professional and SPARKS have developed innovative products that act as both a color vibrancy booster and damage protector, allowing for an excellent salon experience. 


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Specific hair additives like color transformers can extend the life and supply of professional hair color, allowing stylists to get the most out of their inventory and, if needed, deposit vibrant hair color in a pinch. These products are also commonly used as a preventative measure to keep hair looking vibrant, shiny and healthy regardless of client hair type or previous color.