ChromaSilk Pearl Series

5 permanent reflective tones for levels 6 and above deliver a multifaceted soft pearlescent effect and superior gray coverage in just one step.
• Balances tone, magnifies luminosity and adds decadent dimension without adding warmth
• Amplifies luster and dimension when mixed with any ChromaSilk Permanent Creme Hair Color

Purify & Revive PRIME

Our plant-based lactic acid-powered demineralizing spray preps hair for color services. Purify & Revive PRIME no-rinse formula takes only 3 minutes to penetrate, reducing prep time by 95%.

ChromaSilk Hi Lifts

Five-tone collection lifts up to four levels, neutralizes, and tones in one step—without the use of bleach.
Correct or enhance undertones with:
• 4 heavily-pigmented violet hues
• 1 Champagne to work with undertones

Color, Style and More: PRAVANA Hair Products

Salon professionals trust PRAVANA in all their boldest, brightest and most eye-catching hair color creations. A leader in professional salon color, PRAVANA hair color, styling and care products bring bold results while enriching hair. From heavily pigmented hues to luminous reflective tones to styling aids your clients will adore, PRAVANA hair care is an excellent choice for bringing amazing hair visions to life.


Pro-approved PRAVANA hair color helps you achieve total customization for your clients. Popular lines like ChromaSilk VIVIDS, HI LIFTS and more bring endless possibilities to the chair, whether your client seeks natural-looking permanent color or the most expressive semi-permanent shades. Shop PRAVANA lightening products, developers and color support products to help maintain expertly balanced, vibrant tones in between visits. 


PRAVANA Styling Products and Care

SALONORY’s array of PRAVANA hair products also includes a collection of the best styling and care products to help you put the perfect finishing touches on your guests’ look. Shop PRAVANA purple shampoo, texture balm, vitamin oil and hair spray to give any style that PRAVANA picture-perfect finish.