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Discover the Best in Professional Permanent Wave Products

At SALONORY, we are proud to offer the very best options when it comes to professional perm products. We know there is no “one size fits all” product when it comes to delivering the perfect permanent waves, which is why we have thoughtfully curated a list of varying perm products that include options for all hair types. In addition to this, our list of perm products also includes a range of firmness levels to ensure that salons and their stylists can create springy curls with lots of body, touchable beachy waves, and anything in between.

Perform High-Quality Texture Services

To deliver a next-level perm or texture service and give your clients great results, it’s vital to use professional-grade products to prep the hair as well as a high-quality perm solution to make it happen. In addition to professional-level shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatments, and styling products, SALONORY offers a range of products from trusted brands that will aid in every step of a traditional perm. To keep a perm looking healthy and sleek after the treatment is finished, SALONORY includes brands like Zotos Professional, whose perm products include conditioning and strengthening ingredients like Argan Oil and protein complexes to minimize breakage and keep curls looking healthy and voluminous longer.

SALONORY provides various hair perm formulas in order to properly supply salons and stylists with the right products for optimum results. From acid to cysteine and even exothermic perm products, we have an option for everyone.