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Infinite Color Hold

Bond Repair

Multiplying Volume

BC BONACURE Keratin Smooth Perfect

BC BONACURE pH 4.5 Color Freeze

BC BONACURE Collagen Volume Boost

BC BONACURE Hyaluronic Moisture Kick

BC BONACURE Q10+ Time Restore

Color Charge


Smoothing Anti-Frizz

Style SexyHair


Vibrant SexyHair

Blonde SexyHair


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Discover the Best Salon Professional Shampoo

Any high-quality salon experience begins with a good, thorough wash. Using professional shampoo creates a healthy and clean starting point for stylists before they move on to next steps like professional hair color and styling. It’s especially important to use high-quality professional shampoo on color-treated hair or hair that undergoes frequent heat styling in general so that hair maintains a shiny, healthy look. In any case, start with professional shampoo at the hair salon and watch the results exceed expectations. 


Shop Salon Shampoo Options

Many salon brands have different lines of professional shampoo that cater to different hair types and needs. At SALONORY, we are proud to feature trusted salon brands like Alterna that produce different high quality shampoo formulas for clients that want to fight frizz, add volume, maintain the perfect shade of blonde and more. Famous for big volume and dramatic styling, SexyHair offers a stellar sulfate free formula with violet pigment that will keep blonde hair looking more bright and toned between salon visits. Other SALONORY-approved Kenra Professional shampoos include formulas that turn up the volume for a level up when styling. 

When choosing a particular kind of salon-quality shampoo, focus on target areas (i.e., frizz, dullness, dryness, etc.) so that the shampoo can do its best work. Keeping multiple formulas will allow for a more tailored client experience. You can count on SALONORY to stock the salon with high performing shampoo options that will make the end results that much better.