Quantum Perms celebrate over 30 years of perm expertise. Our tried and true formulas contain Equalizer 3™ conditioner to balance porosity for even, predictable curl formation.

Our advanced conditioning neutralizer is formulated with Argan Oil from Morocco, to help add radiant shine for manageable, healthy-looking curls.

Design Freedom

Design Freedom gives you creative flexibility. Water wrap for delicate hair or for softer, more open curls. Lotion wrap for thick, resistant hair or for firm, defined curls.

GFE™ enriched neutralizer with natural grapefruit extracts help lock in the curl while providing healthy-looking shine and manageability.

Texture EFX

Texture EFX is a thio-free cysteamine system, resulting in fun, fresh, sexy texture and touchable curls.

With a smaller molecular size and positive magnetic charge, this formula easily and gently penetrates the hairshaft leaving the cuticle better protected against damage.


Acclaim acid perms allow you to create the texture, volume and styles your clients desire.

The Acclaim formula provides true-to-rod size curls with consistent, predictable results.

Exclusive Zotosol™ conditioners help replenish and strengthen the hair for healthy-looking shine, smooth feel and styling control.

Warm & Gentle

Warm & Gentle combines a true acid perm that helps protect the hair during processing with an exothermic (self-warming) neutralizer for a fast, long-lasting and natural-looking style.

The gentle waving lotion and dryer-activated processing improves curl formation efficiency.

The exothermic (self-warming) neutralizer delivers after-perm conditioning to create body, extra volume and resilient curls while helping to replenish moisture.

Feels So Lively

Feels So Lively delivers bouncy, long-lasting curls every time. The gentle, exothermic (self-warming) waving lotion evenly penetrates the hair to create beautiful, conditioned curls.