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Discover Professional Semi-Permanent Hair Color Options

Welcome to SALONORY’s huge selection of semi-permanent hair color for salon use. Differing from permanent hair color, semi-permanent hair color does not fundamentally change the structure of the hair. Instead, it coats the surface of the hair shaft with pigment, resulting in a gentle, short-term change that lasts between four and 12 shampoos, depending on the brand and formula. Colorists rely on semi-permanent color for blending gray, boosting natural color or using immediately after relaxing or perming the hair.


The SALONORY team has hand-curated an array of top-quality semi-permanent coloring solutions to suit every vision, technique and mission. Because of their short-term nature, semi-permanents are ideal for producing creative, standout hues. Explore semi-permanent blue, green, purple, yellow, pink and more in addition to blonde, brown, gray and gold. Shop formulas by Kenra Professional, PRAVANA, SPARKS and Schwarzkopf Professional in this vast assortment. 


The Best Semi-Permanent Hair Color Brands

Not sure which brand or line to choose? The SALONORY team is here to help. Kenra Professional offers a popular line called Kenra Color Semi-Permanent Creatives, available in an assortment of vibrant and muted shades. Offering outstanding coverage and color saturation, Kenra semi-permanent hair color is a great choice for salon pros. For a range of unique, vivid shades — coral, silver, emerald, aquamarine and more — try PRAVANA ChromaSilk VIVIDS. This trusted line is the industry’s largest semi-permanent creative color collection and is intermixable for a truly custom result.


SPARKS is another great brand for those looking for exceptional-quality semi-permanent shades. The SPARKS Semi-Permanent Creme Color line comes in an array of exceptional hues and features formulas enriched with strengthening amino acids for bold color and extra shine. Lastly, don’t forget to explore semi-permanent color by Schwarzkopf. The CHROMA ID, GOODBYE YELLOW and BLONDME lines are ideal for addressing a full suite of coloring concerns, techniques and visions.

 Looking for more professional coloring solutions? Be sure to explore SALONORY’s selection of permanent and demi-permanent color for the best in salon-grade hair